Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms by Donald K. McKim

By Donald K. McKim

From Antifoundationalism to Zwingalism, this reference offers info on approximately 6000 phrases in theology and similar matters. It covers themes on the topic of religious study, church background, philosophy, ethics, ministry, liturgy, spirituality and the social sciences - any subject that impinges on theological inspiration or perform. it truly is ecumenical, protecting Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox terminology, and contains derivations and references to fundamental assets.

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In Roman Catholicism it is seen as necessary for salvation. In the Reformed tradition it is a sign of God's covenant of grace. Baptism is usually by sprinkling, with Christian parents, sponsors and/or a Christian congregation present. baptism, Jesus' The baptism administered to Jesus by John the Baptist (Matt. 3:1317; Mark 1:911; Luke 3:2122). S. Roman Catholic churches. baptism, John's The baptism administered by John the Baptist in the Jordan River prior to John's baptism of Jesus (Matt. 3:112; Mark 1:18; Luke 3:118; John 1:2428).

The present kingdom is established in the life and work of Jesus Christ (Mark 1:15). basilica (Gr. basilike *, "royal portico," "court") Early type of church building that was rectangular in shape with an apse at one end, columns extending the length of the nave, and narthex at the other end. It is also now a title of honor bestowed by the pope on certain churches. Bassendyne Bible, The (1576, 1579) The earliest English edition of the Bible to be published in Scotland (New Testament, 1576; whole Bible, 1579).

Boundary situation (Ger. Grenzsituation) Term used by existentialist writers for the point of awareness where a person becomes cognizant of a transcendent dimension beyond mere existence, often at times of personal crisis. bourgeois A French term referring to the middle class and its values, usually associated with a pro-capitalist worldview. The desire is for individuality and material comforts, values often challenged by liberation theology. bowing A sign of reverence and honor (Phil. 2:10), usually done in prayer.

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