The Zen Of Meeting Women by Max Weiss

By Max Weiss

Zen and ladies. either might sound like mysterious puzzles. yet keep on with the perfect direction and you'll resolve these puzzles and accomplish the good fortune you've gotten dreamed of. For the 1st time, the enlightened strategy of Zen is utilized to the problem of assembly nice girls with overall self assurance. This publication will swap your existence.

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It is not the way people usually talk. Most conversations exist on the surface of the words and don’t dive below that surface. Notice, admire, and relate, and you are going to connect. Your conversation is going to take on a life of its own. So while it takes practice, the practice will pay off. Bear in mind, it’s ok to just make small talk if the small talk is flowing. You don’t have to dive deeper right away. Get her comfortable. Get yourself comfortable. Then slowly amp it up, making the conversation more meaningful, and keeping it expandable.

Try this way first and see what happens. If you don’t pause, but rather keep the conversation flowing after the Statement of Intent, you’ll find that it gives her the signal that you’re interested without making things uncomfortable. You’re trying to be subtle and obvious at the same time. Remember, keep talking after the Statement of Intent, that is key. Assignment time. Don’t worry, we’re going to practice this one. A lot. All the time in fact. But silently at first. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I want you to come up with Statements of Intent that fit the situation.

In option 3, not only did you show that you were listening, you told her you like her. You don’t just like her because she’s cute, you like something that is specific to her. There are lots of good-looking women, but she’s got something special and you appreciate it. What about option 2? In option 2 you relate the trait, feeling, or emotion to something in your life. This tells her something about you, something that resonates with what she just told you about herself. You can continue talking about that, go back to what she was talking about, or move on to something new.

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