Three Views on the Rapture: Pre; Mid; Or Post-Tribulation by Gleason L. Archer Jr., Stanley N. Gundry, Paul D. Feinberg,

By Gleason L. Archer Jr., Stanley N. Gundry, Paul D. Feinberg, Douglas J. Moo, Richard R. Reiter

This booklet explores 3 perspectives at the Rapture--Pre; Mid; and Post-Tribulation.

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64 This is a~ important point of disagreement, but I thmk that ,Gund~~ IS wrong. My reasons are as follows. n best accords with the theme of 17:17-18. the m~ral assaults of the Wicked One. 6S Second, this interpretation seems contrary to the Johannine emphasis of the separation of the believer from the realm of Satan. The believer walks in light as opposed to darkness, and has life as opposed to being dead. First Joh~ 5:18-19 expresses this idea. The Evil One does r:ot. he Christian because he is born of God.

22:18). Ifso, then in all the judgments of the book the wrath of God is finished. A second passage is found in Revelation 11:18. Here, there is the announcement that the wrath of God has come (~A8EV). On Gundry's scheme this announcement would occur again at the end of the period, and thus would be interpreted as a constative aorist. However, for a midtribulationist, w~o would place the seventh trump in the middle of the week, this could be a dramatic or ingressive aorist (an announcement that the wrath of God is just beginning) making the wrath begin at the middle of the week.

36 Probably the strongest argument in support of this view is the identification of the Man of Sin (1 Thess. 2:3) with the prince wh? makes the covenant with many and begins Daniel's seventieth week (Dan. 9:27). Since, however, there are two satanic masterpieces on the scene during the Tribulation (cf. the two Beasts of Rev. 13), the prince and the Man of Sin may not ~e the same person. able arguments against beginning the Day of the Lord with either the Rapture or the start of the Tribulation.

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