Twentieth Century Neurology: The British Contribution by F. Clifford Rose

By F. Clifford Rose

Neuroscience is among the medical fields the place development within the twentieth century has been amazing. With the arriving of the hot millennium, it truly is acceptable to examine many of the advances and the neurologists who helped to provide them. the unique contributions during this quantity replicate the historical past opposed to which the fast advances have taken position some time past a hundred years.

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Henry Head) published in 1914 by Chatto and Windus18 with colour illustrations and a discourse on pictures from Giotto to Morland. Both Henry and Ruth made reference to medicine in their writing. 19 With Theodore Thompson (1878-1935), Assistant Physician at the London Hospital, Head researched the spinal cord. In 1908 Head was awarded a medal by the Royal Society and also in 1908 The Marshall Hall Medal of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. Marshall Hall (1790-1857) advocated the establishment of a hospital for epileptics in 1852, now The National Hospital and he introduced the terms reflex arc and spinal shock.

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