Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding by Louise Deacon

By Louise Deacon

Combining components from the popular Twilight saga with obtainable pop psychology, a consultant to discovering everlasting love

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Millions of women are hurt and disappointed in love because they have chosen a boyfriend who is not right for them. If you had an unhappy childhood, you might be particularly vulnerable to ending up with the wrong man. For example, girls who have suffered violence in the home as a child are often drawn towards aggressive men 51 Twilight, True Love and You because intimacy and violence is familiar to them. Other negative experiences in childhood, such as excessive criticism or bullying, can lead to low self-esteem and make a woman more likely to settle for a man they feel they deserve, rather than the type of man they want and can be happy with.

These days, wielding a hefty bank balance matters more than wielding large muscles; yet we still get dragged back to our instinctive desire for biceps and abs. 4) They are warrior heroes Edward and Jacob are the perfect fighting machines. They fight to protect Bella. They are willing to wage war with anyone who threatens her – including each other. They would lay down their lives for her. 31 Twilight, True Love and You This is music to the female soul. Aggi the cavewoman would have known that the biggest threat to her was not a marauding mountain lion.

For thousands of years human beings were caught up in this ancient battle of predator against prey. Facing danger and taking risks was something we endured every day. Now, in developed societies, there are very few predators in daily life, there are very few chases and thrills. You did not evolve to live quietly, and so you’re drawn to excitement and danger in a story, even if you want a quiet life in reality. Your nervous system wasn’t made for today’s health and safety culture. In today’s society all risks are managed.

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