Ultrafiltration for Bioprocessing by H Lutz

By H Lutz

Ultrafiltration for Bioprocessing is essential analyzing for all these inquisitive about the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical components. Written by means of a number one employee within the region, it contains many sensible purposes and case experiences within the key technique of ultrafiltration (UF), that's utilized in virtually each bioprocess.

  • Focuses on ultrafiltration for biopharmaceuticals—other books examine normal ultrafiltration or common biopharmaceuticals
  • A mixture of concept and functional applications—other books are usually extra theory-oriented
  • Addresses the most concerns encountered in improvement and scale-up via strategies and case studies

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1 General properties Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are thin porous solids that perform separations by retaining and passing solutes primarily based on their size. Key membrane properties include retention capability, solvent permeability, chemical compatibility, mechanical strength for module fabrication and repeated use, consistency, and cost. They have nominal molecular weight limit (NMWL) ratings of 1–5000 kDa to retain solutes, such as macromolecules, nanoparticles, and colloids while passing smaller solutes and solvents.

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