Unexpected Death in Childhood: A Handbook for Practitioners by Peter Sidebotham, Peter Fleming

By Peter Sidebotham, Peter Fleming

For households who've skilled the demise of a kid, their inner most tragedy is all too usually exacerbated by means of an beside the point or incompetent expert reaction. For the pro charged with the accountability of getting to house unforeseen baby deaths, equivalent to a pediatrician, a police officer, or social worker, this title offers assistance on the best way to reply correctly to this tragic occasion but additionally areas the topic in a bigger social context, reading the background, epidemiology, explanations, and contributory elements surrounding the dying of a kid. The e-book additionally covers the superiority and kinds of loss of life, the position of the police in an unforeseen baby dying, the right way to help households, how you can adopt a significant case assessment, and the way to avoid baby deaths within the future.Part of the celebrated NSPCC Wiley sequence in Safeguarding young ones - The Multi-Professional strategy.

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2002). In 60% of these deaths, the diagnosis had not been recognised before autopsy. Cardiomyopathies are a group of disorders in which the ability of the heart to pump blood effectively is impaired. These may be primary or secondary to metabolic disorders and may result in sudden death. Another heart condition associated with sudden unexpected death is endocardial fibroelastosis. This may result from viral infections or arise spontaneously. At autopsy, there are characteristic changes with thickening of the heart tissue.

These are covered in more detail in Chapter 4. Children’s play environments and road safety measures all affect risk of accidental death outside of the home and will be considered in Chapter 5. 3 Natural Causes of Unexpected Childhood Deaths PETER FLEMING PETER SIDEBOTHAM INTRODUCTION Whilst most information on unexpected deaths in childhood is on deaths in the first year of life, unexpected deaths can occur at any age throughout childhood. A major problem in collecting data on the causes of such deaths beyond infancy is that the deaths will be categorised according to the attributed underlying cause, with no note of whether the deaths were sudden or unexpected.

Thus the identified fall in SIDS rates is not related to changes in categorising these deaths. The increased proportions of deaths attributed to infection, metabolic causes and congenital anomalies each reflect a higher estimated rate (per 1,000 live births) for these causes, but neither the proportion nor the absolute rate of deaths attributed to non-accidental and accidental injury shows any change. NATURAL CAUSES OF UNEXPECTED CHILDHOOD DEATHS 31 ‘FULLY EXPLAINED’ NATURAL CAUSES OF UNEXPECTED DEATHS IN INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD As noted above, a wide range of conditions – both those that occur acutely, and those already present but unrecognised – may contribute to or cause unexpected deaths in infancy and childhood.

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