Usborne World of the Unknown: UFO's by T. Wilding-White

By T. Wilding-White

-- discover the frontiers that lie among trust and fact-- Illustrated with plenty of diagrams and images

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Com. htm. 63 inDeX Adams, Chuck 47 Ader, Clément 9 aerial photography pilot 18 aerodynamics engineer 38 air ambulance pilot 18 aircraft mechanic 38-39 airline transport certificate 36 airport designer 40 airport manager 41 air taxi pilot 18 air traffic controller 41, 47 Allen, Paul 31 Anderson-Briscoe, Colleen 50-55 Ansari X-Prize 31 aviation high school 34 aviation psychologist 41 barnstormers 11 Bates, Robert 50-55 federal air marshal 45 Federal Aviation Administration 35, 37 flight attendant 44, 45 flight dispatcher 46 flight instructor 43, 46 flight mechanic 10 flight operations director 46 flight schools 36-37 Ford, Harrison 23 future trends in aeronautics 29-31 Glenn, John 13 global positioning system (GPS) 22, 27-28 Heins, Maria 43 helicopter pilot 18 history of flight 6-13 cargo pilot 18 Coleman, Bessie 11 commercial certificate 36 commuting 16-17 computers 26 Concorde 25 copilot 41-42 corporate jet pilot 18 crop duster 18 cruising 22 jet engines 13, 24-25 daily life, of pilot 15-19 design engineer 42, 45 Diamandis, Peter 31 director of maintenance 40 “dogfights” 12 drag 10 Maurer, Richard 6 Melvill, Mike 31 meteorologist 46 military 11-12, 18, 36 Montgolfier, Étienne and Joseph 9 Morgan, Len 15 Earhart, Amelia 11, 17 education 34, 36-37.

Customer service personnel come on the plane and ask what we need—pillows, provisions, ice, etc. When we first get on a plane we do a safety check of all our safety equipment. We also go over the flight plan with the pilot and discuss what the weather and how long the flight will be. How did you get started? I was working in banking and I had several friends who were flight attendants and enjoyed it. The flexibility of the schedule attracted me. Every month you have control of your schedule. You have to work a minimum of 70 hours per month to be full time.

No aircraft has run into any real trouble because of turbulence, but people have been hurt in the cabin. It’s unstable air. It has a sheer, which means some of the air is moving up while some of the air is moving down. Or some is moving left while some is moving right. Sheer causes the plane to shake. We usually try to fly over turbulence and bad weather. How do you deal with the responsibility of flying so many people in the plane? , age 13 Colleen: It’s a lot of responsibility and I always take it very seriously.

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