Various Other Oxides by M. S. Seehra, H.P.J. Wijn (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

By M. S. Seehra, H.P.J. Wijn (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

Volume III/27 covers the magnetic homes of inorganic compounds according to transition parts. it could actually for that reason be regarded as a complement to volumes III/4 and III/12 Magnetic and different houses of magnetic oxides and relatedcompounds which seemed in 1970 and within the interval 1978 - 1982 respectively. In a fashion this quantity additionally kinds a counterpart to quantity III/19, within which the magnetic homes of metals, alloys and steel compounds are compiled. the 1st subvolume, III/27a, which seemed in overdue 1988, bargains with the magnetic homes of pnictides and chalcogenides which comprise 3d components. Subvolume III/27d treats oxy-spinels. In subvolume III/27e oxidic compounds with the garnet constitution are thought of; they contain either iron and non-iron ingredients. the current subvolume III/27g covers binary oxides in accordance with d-transition parts, oxides with trirutile and pyrochlore constitution and oxides with a hexagonal crystal constitution. the most important a part of the latter workforce is an updating of the compilations which seemed already within the Landolt-Börnstein subvolumes III/4b and III/12c. A initial survey of the contents of all subvolumes deliberate for Landolt-Börnstein III/27 is outlined at the inside front disguise. actual and chemical homes that are of curiosity in reference to the magnetism of the oxides, were given the required attention.

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2 Pseudo binary vanadium dioxides V, -XM,O, Ref. p. 601 47 Table 3. Properties of VI -XTi,Oz compounds [76 H2]. 66(l) “) x,,, = CJT + x0, where x0 is the susceptibility plateau of pure VO, (in CGS-emu). “) Change in magnetic enthalpy at the M, + M, transition. Phase diagrams are reproduced in Figs. The monoclinic (Cl) phase M, is intermediate between the phasesM, (P2,/c) and M,. For a detailed description of their structures see[72 M]. The M, -+ M, transition is interpreted as a dimerization of the linear Heisenberg chains B [74 P].

Phys. C 21 (1988) 2917. : Phys. Rev. B 38 (1988) 11322. : J. Phys. (Paris) C 8 (1988) 1105. : J. Phys. Sot. Jpn. 57 (1988) 3293. : J. Phys. C 21 (1988) L1051. : Phys. Rev. B 38 (1988) 11898. : Phys. Rev. B 39 (1988) 174. : Physica C 157 (1989) 169. : Phys. Rev. Lett. 62 (1989) 478. : Europhys. Lett. 8 (1989) 263. : Phys. Rev. B 39 (1989) 1461. : Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams 10 (1989) 209. : Phys. Rev. B 39 (1989) 4343. : Solid State Commun. 73 (1990) 195. 2 Mixed monoxidesM:, [Ref. p. 31 M;O The mixed magnetic oxides considered here include MiM”‘-rO where M’, M” = Mn, Fe, Co, or Ni, although all the work reported in literature is on Co,M”-,O.

Surprisingly, the x vs. Tdata seemsto fit a simple Curie-law (Fig. 98) as if there were no Cu-Cu exchangeinteraction although the data is limited to temperatures above 77 K. 35 eV [82K]. Additional work on the magnetic properties of these systemsis certainly warranted. 2 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 K 350 lFig. 97. Fe,Mg, -pO. Changes in TN, determined from the maximum of 1 vs. T curves. vs. p [69 W]. Fig. 98. Cu,,,,Mg ossO. Temperaturedependenceof the inverse magnetic susceptibility f88 L]. : Philips Res.

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