War of 1812 (America at War) by Miriam Greenblatt

By Miriam Greenblatt

A revised account of the occasions surrounding the battle of 1812 among the newly tested usa and nice Britain.

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Once past their first birthday, the main threats to children were chickenpox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, and whooping cough. These diseases often ravaged whole families at a time. From their mid-teens on, farm boys—who worked with heavy loads and sharp-edged tools—were particularly susceptible to accidents that resulted in open wounds. These wounds often became infected, which in turn led either to “mortification”—gangrene—or “blood poisoning”—septicemia. Because antibiotics had not yet been discovered, gangrenous arms and legs had to be amputated, while septicemia was usually fatal.

Nevertheless, it operates as a separate service with its own aircraft, artillery, and tanks. Marines are sometimes called leathernecks because in the past they used to wear leather collars to protect their necks. The Marine Corps’ official colors are red and gold. Its motto is Semper Fidelis (“Always Faithful”). 22 WAR OF 1812 The USS Philadelphia was stranded off the coast of Tripoli and captured by Tripolitan sailors on October 31, 1803. ) had been authorized by Congress in 1798. The marines’ battle duty was to lay down a barrage of rifle fire and grenades to prevent the Barbary pirates from swarming aboard the ships.

In addition, 25 “FREE TRADE AND SAILORS’ RIGHTS” British ships used flogging as a disciplinary measure. One sailor described the experience this way: The boatswain starts you by a stroke on the back with his cat-o’-ninetails [a length of tarred, knotted rope]. Every man then strikes you as hard and as fast as he can. “You have to go round the deck three times in this manner. It is in vain for you to cry, scream, jump, roll, for you must bear it. Finally you look like a piece of raw beef from your neck to your waist.

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