Wild Elves (AD&D 2nd Edition: Dragonlance, DLS4) by Scott Bennie

By Scott Bennie

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And promptly attacks the party. A huge patch of webbing spins out of its mouth as the dragon tries to envelop the party. It melees for two rounds, and then uses its venom weapon if the player characters begin to free themselves. Spider Dragon (1): AC 0; MV 12, Wb 12; HD 10; hp 53; THAC0 11; #AT 3; Dmg 1d8+6/1d8+6/4d4+6; SA web breath weapon; ML 17; AL CE If the spider dragon is seriously hurt, it moves toward the trapped Kagonesti and says: “This is really degrading! Do you realize that you’ve forced me to resort to threatening someone who can’t fight back?

These creatures are considered to be the guardians of the forest, who protect the Kagonesti from the evils of the world. Kagonesti worship rituals consist of meditation in solitude. It is considered rude to gather together in assemblies to worship the gods. Kagonesti remember the political struggles instigated by the priests of the Silvanesti; they believe that the only way to make religious worship genuine is to establish a personal relationship with the deities. At tribal gatherings, however, Kagonesti priests make public offerings to the gods, and they lead chants of praise to the good deities of Krynn.

Never had I known such exhaustion. yet I could not stop running. I don’t know why. It was as though I had gone mad. “The stars. You know that when the sun first set, I thought that the drow had destroyed the sun. I despaired. Nearly killed myself. But that is not useful to you, I suppose. “The drow are not native to Krynn. They crashed long ago in a huge ship that came from beyond the stars. They were fleeing a war, or looking for a place to establish a place of power, perhaps both, I have heard both stories.

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