WTF Are Men Thinking?: 250,000 Men Reveal What Women REALLY by Miguel Almaraz, Christopher Brya

By Miguel Almaraz, Christopher Brya

Do you recognize Your Guy?

250,000 males provide the solutions you want to comprehend precisely what's in his head...

•What behavior drives males away?
•What particularly strikes him?
•What do males flirt so much?
•Why doesn't he call?
•When should still I discuss my ex?
•Will he cheat on me?
•What makes him commit?
•What will price a lady a moment date?
•Does he evaluate me to her?

With solutions to those and a hundred forty five extra questions, WTF Are males pondering? deals ladies genuine solutions from 250,000 males. It's a desirable window into what makes him tick, a useful instruction manual for warding off the pitfalls, errors, and difficulties which are really easy for ladies to fall into.

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If we’d become involved any sooner than we did, it’s unlikely that I’d have appreciated him or not created a boatload of drama. As it is, we’re still together now and we have two daughters. I’m in no way suggesting that my ‘ending’ is your ending. In fact, it’s not even an ending and more like a ‘new beginning’. In order to change this destructive pattern, it takes willpower, courage, and consistently doing things differently than how you have before. You need to believe in yourself more than you believe in them.

I don’t engage in denial, rationalising, and minimising, 19. Whether or not I had a healthy relationship with my parents, I have addressed anything from my childhood that is impacting my adult life and/or am actively working on it. 20. There’s nothing I’m trying to avoid. Really! If you disagree with any of these statements, not only does it raise questions over how available you are, but these are all things that, when they remain unaddressed, are invitations for Mr Unavailables to come into your life and wreak havoc.

Fortunately I learned not to go for the miserable, self-absorbed, barely-say-a-word ones anymore, but my interests turned to boys and then men who would pursue me relentlessly, and then toy with my emotions until I didn’t know my arse from my elbow. I had a string of relationships lasting from months to years, so I assumed that I loved being in relationships - it was just a shame that they were never with the right guy! My love life and penchant for showstopping breakups, men that blew hot and cold, and the shift in my persona that I felt around these life-sappers became entertainment fodder for my friends and family, and eventually for my blog readers.

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